They’re known for doing things big and over-the-top. So in celebration of Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines’ first restaurant, Magnolia Table, being open for a year, the former Fixer Upper stars are changing up their menu for their guests to enjoy this spring.

Currently, Chip, 44, and Jo’s menu gives visitors plenty of scrumptious meal options to indulge in. But now, they’re adding to the list of Southern comfort foods such as biscuits and gravy, deviled eggs and breakfast tacos with new selections of brunch items, salads, sandwiches and desserts (we wonder if those will come from Silos Baking Co.!)

While detailing the new mouthwatering dishes in one of her newest blog posts, Joanna, 40, explained that “these new, seasonal recipes help bring spring to life in the form of food” because the Magnolia Table team wants “the sights, sounds and scents of the season to be reflected” within their restaurant’s walls — sure does sound like Jo!

Chip and his wife are saying goodbye to the cold winter months and saying hello to Spring as Magnolia Table’s new menu will also incorporate a new quiche that features a “flaky, buttery pie crust.” They are also offering an egg salad croissant, a vegetarian wheat wrap and many other healthy options that are sure to smoothly transition diners into the sunny season.

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The former HGTV stars’ empire grew when they opened Magnolia Table in March 2018. Since then, Chip and Jo have been making business deals left and right. Not only are they launching their own TV network, but the parents-of-five are also opening a coffee shop within the year! “I can confirm that we will be breaking ground on our newest project, a coffee shop, early next month — our tentative plan is to open by year’s end,” Magnolia spokesman John Marsicano told People last month. “An official name for the coffee shop has not yet been announced, but we’re excited to share more details in the coming weeks!” We can’t wait to hear what else they have in store for their fans!