As we’re writing this, legendary pop star Cher has 3.56 million followers on Twitter, so the 72-year-old clearly has a knack for it. It also helps that she is pretty hilarious on the platform. But it wasn’t always so easy for Cher on Twitter as she recently revealed that she made plenty of mistakes.

The “I Got You Babe” singer sat down with Live Nation to remember all the ups and downs she had when she first encountered Twitter. “It was easy to live before Twitter. Tweeting was kind of an accident,” Cher explained. “When I first started, I was so ridiculous and I didn’t mean to be saying something mean, but I found out that I had, but everybody thought it was hysterical so I think it got me, like, a gazillion followers in one day.”

Cher was sometimes “so ridiculous” on Twitter she took time to say hello to herself on it.

But hey, we all need to acknowledge ourselves once in a while. Cher continued talking to Live Nation about her Twitter blunders. “So I made so many mistakes and had no idea what I was doing and had all these kids saying, ‘No, no, no, no, do this, do that, don’t ever do that.’ So I kind of got a crash course in it right way,” Cher said. “Sometimes you want to say something in the heat of the moment and you put it out and if you send it and you look at it and you go, ‘What? What was I thinking?’”

What was Cher thinking when she apparently blocked someone’s dad on Twitter?

Well that’s awkward. Cher has thankfully improved her Twitter game, and that’s great because she can now offer us incredible peaks into her life like this:

As for what is next for Cher, she is getting ready to kick off her “Here We Go Again Tour” on January 17, 2019, in Estero, Florida. The tour will wrap up May 18, 2019, in Saint Paul, Minnesota.