In this instance, we're happy no one listened to Cher!

According to one of the pop diva's former songwriters, Diane Warren, the singer hated "If I Could Turn Back Time" back when she first heard it.

While recently attending Cher's Dressed to Kill tour — where the 68-year-old performed two of Diane's songs, "Turn Back Time" and "Jesse James" — the icon claims to have despised "Jesse James," but the writer said that wasn't the case!

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"She's got the wrong song!" the 57-year-old told The Hollywood Reporter after attending the July 7 concert in Los Angeles. "The song she really hated was 'If I Could Turn Back Time,' but I held her leg down during a session and said, 'You have to record it!'"

Cher's response to the forced performance? "'F**k you, bitch! You're hurting my leg! OK, I'll try it,'" Diane recalls.

Afterwards, "She gave me this look like, 'You were right.' If you look at Cher's song history, she's not always the best judge of her own material. I mean, she hated 'I Got You Babe.'"

Thank goodness Diane literally twisted Cher's leg, because the 1989 classic went on to hit No. 3 on the Billboard chart and led to one of the most memorable — and controversial — music videos of all time (which you can watch below!)