Not slowing down! Former ‘Charlie’s Angels’ star Jaclyn Smith‘s driver’s license may state she is up there in age, but she certainly looks a lot younger than that — and it’s all thanks to her incredible health and fitness regime.

“She’s always been healthy, but after her cancer ordeal a few years ago Jaclyn took it to a whole new level,” an insider exclusively tells Closer Weekly of the 73-year-old. “Besides eating right, she practices yoga and does hundreds of crunches and leg lifts a day, plus planks for core strength and push-ups for toned arms. It’s astonishing how youthful looking she is.”

Jaclyn SMith
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“Although she relied on plastic surgery in the past, she’s eased up on it and opting for more natural fixes — and she’s showing no signs of slowing down,” the source adds.

Jaclyn has opened up about her health and fitness before, exclusively telling Closer, “No. 1, sleep is very important. Having a skin-care routine that you don’t have to be a slave to. Exercise. Drinking and smoking — I do neither of those, and smoking is particularly aging. Then, be good to yourself!”

She added, “Every week, or every day, just sit and read a book or soak in the bath.” As for her thoughts on aging under the bright lights of Hollywood, the Bridal Wave actress had some strong thoughts.

“My mom always told me never to talk about money, religion or politics. Maybe now I should include anti-aging! [Laughs] Every stage of life has something special and certainly this one does,” the businesswoman explained. “I’m hoping soon my kids will have children and that will be another joy. To dwell on looks or the superficial, I don’t think brings happiness. What brings me joy and peace is family.”

Jaclyn SMith Brad Allen
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Today, Jaclyn isn’t just about the fitness routine, she is also about her family — she has been married to her husband Brad Allen since 1997. The pair does not have any children together, although the TV star did have two kids — son Gaston, 37, and daughter Spencer, 33 — from previous marriage to Anthony B. Richmond.

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