Our hearts will always go on for Celine Dion. The Canadian pop superstar, 49, has been churning out hits for more than three decades and we still can’t get enough. Just last year, the “I’m Alive” songstress lost her beloved husband and longtime manager, René Angélil, after a long battle with throat cancer. Since then, she has found comfort in the love, devotion, and admiration of her fans.

“People love me beyond what I do,” explains the chart-topping diva. “They get married with my song. They lose people with my song. They remarry with another song. They sing a lullaby with their kids with my song.”

In fact, Celine is so devoted to making each and every one of her fans feel special, that it becomes a cause of concern for the people closest to her. “They tell me, ‘Don’t talk too much,’ because I’ll make myself sick,” she confides, before quickly admitting that she’ll never follow that advice. “When I give myself, I give myself!”

Over the course of her career, Celine has released countless iconic tunes that have left an indelible mark on the landscape of pop music. In 1996, she dropped “Because You Loved Me,” her No. 1 song that served as the signature song for Up Close & Personal, starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert Redford.

“Because You Loved Me” earned Celine two Grammys, along with nominations for both a Golden Globe and an Academy Award. And that all happened before she blessed our ears with yet another breathtaking movie-inspired classic — 1997’s “My Heart Will Go On,” from James Cameron’s Titanic.

Not surprisingly, the epic track won Celine two more Grammys and a Golden Globe. Since then, the mom-of-three — she has son René-Charles, 16, and six-year-old twins Eddy and Nelson with late husband René — has racked up a total of five Grammys. According to Celine, who has sold more than 220 million albums worldwide, she has her fans to thank for her incredible success.

“I don’t want to sound pretentious,” she has said, “but I think beyond the music, I think I do have a relationship with my fans that are [pushing] me [along], saying, ‘You know what, Celine?’ They’ve been such supporters in my good days and my bad days.”