Her heart has gone on! It’s been nearly three years since Celine Dion tragically lost her husband, René Angélil, to throat cancer, and now, her love life has allegedly taken a turn. According to OK! Magazine, the music sensation is now dating actor Russell Crowe!

“They’ve been seeing each other quietly for a few weeks and although it’s still very new, it seems like they’ve known each other for a lifetime!” the insider shared with the news outlet.

celine dion and rene angelil
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It definitely seems like an odd couple, but the two have actually shared some common ground over the last few years. While the death of Celine’s husband is certainly different than Russell’s divorce, they both had to deal with losing a loved one essentially (Russell split from his wife, Danielle Spencer, after a six-year separation this year). 

But despite his complicated love life, Russell has always had an eye on Celine. “He’s been aware of her for years, and when her husband died he really felt for her,” the insider shared. “I heard he sent her a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a kind note saying how sorry he was. She never forgot that.”

russell crowe and danielle spencer
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On top of that, there were rumors Russell was linked to the late Steve Irwin’s wife Terri Irwin over the last few years — but they allegedly split recently. “They spent so much time together and were inseparable, so it’s certainly strange they haven’t been seen together for a while,” a source told Woman’s Day after Russell stepped out looking scruffy last month. “It looks like Russell may have been dumped by Terri — and if that’s happened he’ll be heartbroken for sure.”

Luckily for Russell, Celine is here to help him overcome his heartbreak. “Celine can see the pain he’s been through and wants to help,” the source added. “It’s a lovely thing to have happened to both of them. They each feel like they’ve found someone who understands them completely.” We wish them the best!