Time for Class! See Pink, Jack Osbourne and More Celeb Parents’ Cute Back to School Photos

With summer officially winding down, tons of celebs are beginning to send their famous kids to school. In honor of the 2020-2021 academic year starting, proud parents like Pink, Jack Osbourne and more have already shared their super cute back to school photos.

However, this year is a little different as many kiddos aren’t actually returning to their schools. Instead, moms and dads are turning to homeschooling amid the coronavirus pandemic. Although it’s been challenging, Jennifer Love Hewitt praised her two kids, Autumn and Atticus, for rolling with the punches and making the most of their homeschool situation.

“I am in awe of how brave, open and willing to go with the flow they have been in this time,” she wrote via Instagram on September 8. “They are my everything and I am so proud. Sometimes I get caught up in all the craziness in the world and realize all they want and need is for me to stop.”

The Ghost Whisperer actress — who shares her children with husband Brian Hallisay — also offered other parents some advice when teaching your youngsters. “Be silly with them and remind them of how much love [exists] in [your] home,” she noted. “So this is how I will start this new week. Two big doses of silly and love.”

It seems Sarah Michelle Gellar could benefit from Jen’s words of wisdom. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress revealed she wasn’t having the easiest time transitioning back to school with daughter Charlotte and son Rocky.

“In case anyone was wondering how the first day went,” Sarah captioned a video of her whispering “send help” on September 2. “The fire alarm started going off 10 minutes in … and no ladder we had was tall enough to reach … so seems about right for 2020,” she jokingly explained in the caption.

As for Brooke Shields, the Blue Lagoon actress and her husband, Chris Henchy, feel fortunate that their daughters, Rowan and Grier, are older. “I think [homeschooling] was probably easier for us because we don’t have little kids,” Brooke told Us Weekly in early September.

“I talked to a lot of parents who have little kids, and it’s hard enough to get a little kid to pay attention in class, let alone in front of a screen,” she continued. “So, I think that it was different. We became much more lax about them being on their phones because it was their only form of communication with their friends. They navigated it.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see all the super cute photos of celeb kids going back to school!