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12 Celebrity Kids Who Shunned Hollywood for Regular Careers

Most celebrity kids follow the same inevitable career path as their famous parents. After all, many of today’s stars are the children of the previous generation. Kate Hudson, Drew Barrymore, and Angelina Jolie all have famous parents, and so it makes sense for them use those industry connections to start their own acting endeavors.

But surprisingly, some famous offspring don’t want to follow in the footsteps of their parents. In fact, it’s common for many of them to shun the spotlight altogether, choosing uniquely different futures that no one saw coming. From Willem Dafoe to Tom Selleck, these stars all have one thing in common — their children all picked careers that avoided the limelight.

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For Tom, his daughter Hannah did find fame, but not through Hollywood. The 28-year-old is a rising equestrian star who raises horses on a farm in New Mexico. She started riding horses when she was four and then decided to become serious about it when she was 12, entering in championships all across the country. Although Hannah has done a little bit of modeling in the past, she definitely doesn’t regret avoiding the Hollywood career path.

“All my time goes into the horses and that’s my focus,” she said in 2015. “If you split your focus, its hard to excel. The modeling I only really did to help out some friends, and I do it for my sponsors. Outside of that, I don’t have time. If it’s something tied to the horses that’s one thing, but between my travel schedule and competing and managing the horses with the breeding operation, it’s a full plate.”

Check out the gallery below to see which celebrity kids are working wildly different jobs than their famous parents.