After nearly two decades of wedded bliss, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas seemingly know the secret to a successful Hollywood marriage. And, in a new interview, the 49-year-old actress admitted her “open relationship” with Michael, 74, keeps their union strong after all these years.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Reveals Why She’s Stuck With Michael Douglas Through Everything

“First of all, I’m so happy that we’ve made it to be 20 years together. It’s been great, but I think it’s just unfathomable to me that you would be with one person for 18 years and things are not rosy every day. They’re just not,” Catherine told Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb during a Tuesday, Nov. 27 Today show appearance. “Both Michael and I have a very open relationship. When you have kids that didn’t ask to be born into a world where it’s scrutinized or looked into, you’ve got to be open and honest and share things that probably people at the drugstore wouldn’t share over the counter.”

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During another recent sit-down with The Times, Catherine further explained why she and Michael have stuck together for so many years in the spotlight. “God knows we’ve had ups and downs in our marriage. But I don’t throw the towel in very quickly on anything. I’m not that person. Not that I would white-knuckle it until the day he drops dead. Or the day I drop dead, I’m not that stupid, either,” she said.

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The mom-of-two added that she often thinks other people give up on their marriages too quickly. “I know it’s an old-fashioned way of thinking, but you’ve got to give it your best shot,” she shared. “I have a temper and a knee-jerk reaction. Michael calls me Dame Doom because I’ll go to the worst-case scenario. I’m like a Formula One race car — zero to 200 in two seconds. I spend my life trying to bring it down.” Here’s hoping Catherine and Michael enjoy many more happy years together!