Actress Cate Blanchett should probably hire her four kids as her new job advisors since she recently revealed to Who Magazine that she relies on them for career advice!

“I seek their opinions all the time,” she said about her three sons, Dashiell Upton, 16, Roman Upton, 14, and Ignatius Upton, 10, and her toddler daughter, Edith Upton. “Particularly with a film like [The House with a Clock in Its Walls], you want to know, ‘Is this something you want to go and see?'”

cate and her family in 2005. (photo credit: getty images)

Cate and her family in 2005. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Cate, 49, said she especially went to Dashiell for the most advice regarding her latest project since he’s the oldest. “When I was sent the script [for Clock in Its Walls], I said to him, ‘They’re going to get Eli Roth to direct this. Isn’t he the guy that does all the horror? And he goes, ‘Oh my god. You put Eli Roth on an Amblin film? That’s combustible,'” the actress shared. 

Although Dashiell had his doubts about the movie, he told him mom that she should still star as Florence Zimmerman in the flick. With her son’s approval, Cate then decided to portray a witch who helps to bring peace to a magical world with the help of a warlock (played by Jack Black). 

Cate’s children are so supportive of her career that, in a previous interview on The Jonathan Ross Show, she noted how much she loves to get “brownie points” from her kids.

(photo credit: getty images)
Getty Images

“They do and they don’t [watch my films]. My son gave me some great career advice a few years ago. He said, ‘Mum, when are you going to make a blockbuster?’ I said, ‘I was in Lord of the Rings!’ And he said, ‘Yeah for about 30 seconds. So it didn’t really count.’ I had no brownie points with my children,” the mom-of-four joked. Now we understand why she goes to them for career advice!

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