With the highly-anticipated Roseanne reboot right around the corner, fans of the hit sitcom are wondering one thing: Are Roseanne and Jackie still friends? Roseanne Barr and Laurie Metcalf played sisters Roseanne Conner and Jackie Harris, respectively, on the hit show from 1988 until 1997.

And so it turns out, the two remain buddies today! Back in 2014, Roseanne got quite the unexpected set of 62nd birthday surprises when she appeared on The Talk, which is hosted by her other co-star Sara Gilbert, who played her daughter Darlene Conner on the series.

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Roseanne and Sara on The Talk.

First, co-host Aisha Tyler announced to the comedienne that someone special had pre-recorded a birthday message for Roseanne — and to everyone’s surprise, it was Laurie herself! “Hey Roseanne, Happy Birthday, I love you, I miss you,” she said to her friend before inviting her out to lunch to celebrate after the daytime talk show’s taping. So cute!

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After The Talk cast presented Roseanne with a red-velvet birthday cake (her favorite!), Sara introduced the biggest surprise of the show — a mini-cast reunion with all the Roseanne kids! We’re so glad to see she’s still close with her TV family!

“Roseanne, speaking as Darlene on behalf of Becky and D.J., I think they would want to wish you a Happy Birthday,” Sara said to her sitcom mom before the camera panned to show Michael Fishman (D.J. Conner) and Lecy Goranson (Becky Conner-Healy) walking on set.

“It’s so great to see you guys!” Roseanne exclaimed. “And I heard from John [Goodman] today too!” she added, referencing the actor who played her husband Dan Conner on the sitcom’s nine-season-long run.

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And in even better news, much of the cast will return for the eight-episode revival set to air in 2018, including Laurie! “Everybody’s on board,” she exclaimed in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, proving that she still has a close relationship with Roseanne. We can’t wait to see the funny sisters back in action again very soon!