In the new issue of Closer Weekly, Kerri Kasem, the eldest daughter of famed DJ Casey Kasem, opens up about her fight for his U.S. burial, after her stepmother, Jean Kasem, had his remains flown to Norway.

“We are doing something to stop her. Justice needs to be served!” Kerri reveals to Closer, claiming her stepmom is “just trying to hide my father’s body from authorities because of the ongoing elder abuse investigation.” Though she cannot discuss what went on, she does explain, “it was a house of horrors.”

casey kasem

Casey with second wife Jean in 2004

Kerri has urged family members and friends of Casey’s to send letters to government and funeral home officials, and it seems to be working. “We are looking at it again to see if we made the right decision,” an official said on Aug. 20.

One letter in particular is from 20 people that Kerri has “known since I was born” (including former Lt. Gov. Mike Curb), and states Casey wanted to be buried in California.

For more from Kerri and the ongoing battle with her stepmother, pick up the new issue of Closer Weekly, on newsstands now!