Are we seeing double? Nope, that's just Prince Harry and Carson Wentz. Harry nearly broke the Internet when he and his new fiancée, Meghan Markle, announced their engagement in late November. And now, royal fans have another thing to obsess over: are Harry and Carson twins?

We're not going to lie, we agree that the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback looks exactly like Harry. Many are taking to Twitter to question if they are twins, brothers, or maybe even the same person! Between the red hair, matching beards, and same perfect smile, it's hard to argue that these two aren't at least lookalikes.

One user wrote, "Anybody else think Carson Wentz and Prince Harry are brothers? ??." Another added, "Carson Wentz and Prince Harry are literally the male version of The Parent Trap." While some think they were just separated at birth, others think they are actually the same person. "Now ask yourself, have you seen Prince Harry and Carson Wentz together in the same room? No?……. EXACTLY!" one user asked. Another questioned, "Has anyone ever seen Prince Harry and Carson Wentz in the same room?" Who knows, maybe Harry, Meghan, and the rest of the family will get an invite to one of Carson's NFL games in the coming weeks?

And while we're here for this crazy theory, we can't get over the fact that many think the movie Love Actually predicted Meghan and Harry's relationship. A newly-surfaced meme on the Internet shows Harry and Meghan next to the movie's main characters, Sam and Joanna.

The film follows young British boy Sam, who falls in love with his American girl classmate, Joanna. Once he finds out that she's leaving the UK to go back to America, he runs after her and confesses his love to her in the airport. We can't help but wonder if this exact same scenario happened to Meghan and Harry before!