It seems that Carrie Underwood is an elderly woman who only cares about clean clothes — well, that according to her son Isaiah.

The 36-year-old took to Instagram on Thursday, February 13, to share an “All About My Mommy,” form that her eldest child, 4, filled out. And let’s just say that her little one thinks that she is not only 70 years old, but she is all about laundry … all the time! Take a look at the hilarious post below!

Isaiah believes his famous mom’s job is to “was the laundry” — and that’s mainly because she is “really good at folding” it. People were loving this hilarious form, as they took to the comments section to respond. “So sweet … to the rest of the world, you’re global country superstar Carrie Underwood. To Isaiah, you’re the bedtime storyteller and the one who keeps him in clean clothes. This is precious because he sees you for you,” one fan said. Another added, “Omg, kids say the funniest things! My daughter once put I was 12.”

The American Idol alum — who shares Isaiah and son Jacob, 1, with her husband, Mike Fisher — has always been open about life as a mom, especially when it comes to gushing about her kids. Carrie once touched on just how smooth her first-born is when he finds himself talking it up with the opposite sex. “I have a 4-year-old who’s, like, a schmoozer,” the Grammy winner joked to Entertainment Tonight. “He knows the right things to say and he’s so cute about it and he knows how to get, not get what he wants but a little bit. And he’ll totally [work it], especially with girls he’s so sweet.”

“And then my 4-month-old is just four months of squishiness and smiley,” she continued. “And I love those smiley babies.” The entertainer also is quite lucky to be able to bring her children on tour with her. Back in May 2019, Isaiah was cheering on his mom during her Cry Pretty Tour.

“What a night! This is Izzy’s first tour show that he’ll remember,” Mike, 39, wrote via Instagram. “He had a blast and kept yelling ‘mommy I love you’ when she came close! … His mommy is a rockstar on stage and off the stage. Touring with a 3 month old is brave to say the least but if anyone can do it she sure can!! … The pictures don’t do it justice, what a show!”

And what a family!