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What?!We Still Haven’t Forgotten That Time Carrie Underwood Told the World She Had a Third Nipple!

Country star Carrie Underwood had what?!

During her American Idol audition in 2004, the 34-year-old singer felt comfortable enough with the show's original judges to tell them that she once had a third nipple!

Before Carrie sang her heart out to Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me", Simon Cowell asked her, "Did you have something you shouldn't have had? Because somebody told me and I'm curious."

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The then 21-year-old, embarrassed as ever, responded, "Yes I did. It just looked like a mole. It was a third nipple."

After pointing to her stomach, where the third nipple once was, Simon asked her why she ever got rid of it. "It really just looked like a mole. If I wore a two-piece bathing suit they would ask me what it was, and I said it was a birthmark because it was but I kind of got a little self-conscious about it," Carrie explained. Simon then quipped back that he would have gotten it moved to underneath his hand if he were her!

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Even without her third nipple, Carrie has become one of the most successful stars ever in the music industry — and now has a handsome hubby named Mike Fisher!

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