Pregnant singer Carrie Underwood just revealed the plan her three-year-old son, Isaiah, devised ahead of the arrival of baby No. 2. “His world is about to get rocked,” Carrie joked after the adorable tot recently told his country star mom that he wants to go halfsies with his parents once his younger sibling is born.

“[Isaiah] told me recently that when the new baby comes that Daddy could have that baby and then he could be mine,” Carrie, 35, told People, explaining that her firstborn doesn’t fully understand how the parenting dynamic will change once their second little bundle of joy arrives.

“He loves me. He looks at me and talks to me and interacts with me like nobody else on this planet,” the “Cry Pretty” singer added. “He’ll stare at me and I’m like, ‘What are you looking at?’ And he’s like, ‘I just love you.’ What kid does that?”

Carrie continued to gush about Isaiah and the bond that the mother and son duo share. “He’s just the sweetest,” Carrie praised. “He’s just my guy. He cuddles and kisses on me. So I’m hoping this next one has some of that personality.”

While anticipating the arrival of their second child, Carrie has been thinking about whether their baby will be more like herself or her husband, Mike Fisher, 38. “Maybe this next one will be all Mike’s,” the American Idol champ said. “Maybe that will be how it works out. Mike needs some love too. I feel bad for him sometimes.”

Since announcing her pregnancy this past August, fans have been dying for Carrie to reveal the gender of the baby. While she has been holding out, a source exclusively told Closer Weekly that the pregnant country music icon may possibly reveal her second baby’s gender while hosting the CMAs with Brad Paisley on Wednesday, Nov. 14.

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“It is not set yet, but it has been discussed. It would be similar to how it happened the first time,” the insider said referring to when Carrie previously revealed onstage at the same event that her now-toddler son, Isaiah, was a boy.

The word on the street is that baby No. 2 is “going to be a girl,” according to a source who recently spoke to People. “Everyone is super hoping for a girl and there’s a lot of speculation.” We can’t wait to meet Carrie and Mike’s second baby soon!