At 4 years old, Carrie Underwood‘s son Isaiah Fisher already knows how to make the ladies swoon, and if he’s anything like his father, Mike Fisher, Isaiah will grow up to marry the prettiest girl in town!

“I have a 4-year-old who’s, like, a schmoozer,” Carrie, 36, joked about her oldest son to Entertainment Tonight recently. “He knows the right things to say and he’s so cute about it and he knows how to get, not get what he wants but a little bit. And he’ll totally [work it], especially with girls he’s so sweet.”

Isaiah is not the only one who knows how to wow the ladies! Carrie explained that she and Mike’s new baby boy, Jacob, has a smile that could light up New York City in the dark! “And then my 4-month-old is just four months of squishiness and smiley,” she laughed. “And I love those smiley babies.”

With his father’s good looks, Isaiah and Jacob will not need a lot of help to find a good girlfriend in the future. In fact, their son Isaiah already has his sights set on someone and she’s a singer just like his mom!

“This morning my 4-year-old, who hates wearing jeans, asked to wear jeans so he could ‘look cute for Maddie,’” Carrie jokingly tweeted on Thursday, May 9. “He also asked me to fix his hair and to get him some flowers that he could give to her. Don’t you break his heart @MaddieMarlow!!!”

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After seeing the super adorable tweet online, Maddie, 23, responded back to the “Cry Pretty” singer who felt so delighted to be Isaiah’s crush. “I seriously could’ve cried. My heart just about exploded,” she commented. “Y’all raised the sweetest boy! Goes to show what a great example you and your hubby set for your boys. #newtourboyfriend.”

Isiah is already growing up to be one sweet little kid!