Looks like they’re going to end up happily ever after! Shortly after Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher had their marriage turned upside down by an impending divorce, friends of the couple have revealed that they’re doing better than ever — and have even sparked pregnancy rumors! “Friends think Carrie is pregnant, and the buzz is that she’s expecting twins!” an insider recently told Life & Style.

“If you know Carrie at all, [you know] she’s been wanting at least two more kids since she had son Isaiah in 2015. Twins would be music to her ears!” While the former American Idol champ has yet to confirm that she has two buns in the oven, friends have pointed to the fact that she is eating more than she did during her first pregnancy as possible evidence she’s carrying two this time around.

“She’s eating far more than she ever did last time she was pregnant and craving foods like dark chocolate and Subway veggie sandwiches,” the insider said. “Carrie’s also begun scaling back on sessions with her personal trainer.” And the 35-year-old hasn’t exactly been subtle when discussing it with her friends.

The insider said she’s been commenting on baby clothes and “both she and Mike have said that their next big home renovation project is a room for a nursery. Carrie loves fairy tales and children’s books, and would custom design the room as a little kingdom for the twins and stock it with classic books.”

Of course, recent months have been full of ups and downs for the couple; late last year, Carrie had an accident that left her with 40 to 50 stitches on her face. Additionally, she and Mike were facing a divorce earlier this year, when their busy schedules took a toll on their marriage.

But despite their maritals woes — this definitely isn’t a “fix it” pregnancy. A source said, “It’s definitely not to fix anything, but to spread the love. Isaiah is the love of their lives, but they have room in their hearts for more children.”