Lookin’ good, Carrie Underwood! The “Drinking Alone” singer looked so fit when she rocked a pair of blue leggings and a black T-shirt on Instagram.

“When the weather is nice, outdoor workouts are a must!” she captioned the beautiful picture on Tuesday, April 28. Carrie, 37, also used the hashtags “ChooseYou” and “StayThePath.” The post was liked over 218,000 times, including by “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You” singer Donny Osmond.

The American Idol alum keeps herself in shape by hitting the gym on a regular basis. “I used to work out six days a week,” Carrie revealed to E! Online in November 2017. “But now that’s a little rare, sometimes it’s one or two times a week and that just kind of has to be OK. And it is OK because whatever I’m doing that’s keeping me out of the gym is important.”

Carrie, who’s a proud mom to her two kids — Isaiah, 5, and Jacob, 1 — also works out with her husband, Mike Fisher. “Mainly, when we work out together, we’re just working out in the same space,” she revealed. “But I will say, the other day I was doing the ab wheel … and later on that day, Mike said something like, ‘I’m not ready for the ab wheel yet.'” Aww!

Sometimes when they’re in the gym, the couple’s son Isaiah would “wander” into the room and look for his parents. At that point, the mom of two would stop whatever she’s doing to give the little guy “a kiss.”

Until the seven-time Grammy Award winner decides she doesn’t need to go to the gym anymore, she’ll continue working out to improve her mental state. “[It’s] just so much better if I get out and move. If you have the opportunity, you should do that for yourself,” she gushed. “Because it’s only going to make you a better person.”