Princess Leia is back and looking better than ever! Carrie Fisher returns for the Star Wars sequel after shedding an incredible 35 pounds.

In the new issue of Closer Weekly, those closest to the star reveal her slim down secrets — a sugar-and gluten-free diet along with workouts six days a week.

“She eats five small meals a day,” a source tells Closer. Her favorite indulgences — coffee, wine, pizza and pasta — were incorporated into her diet to help keep her on track.

“There was a deal struck. No hard sugar at all for nine months. In exchange, she could have two drinks a night,” the source reveals.

Carrie Fisher Says Original 'Star Wars' Cast All Look a "Little Melted"

“She had to work slowly to build muscle and shed fat,” says a friend. “She once tipped the scales at 170. Now she’s down to 135!”

Carrie also began working with a trainer (hired by Disney and Star Wars creator George Lucas) six times a week using a method called Pace Express.

“The exercises are simple: lunges, squats, toe taps, lightly jogging in place,” an insider explains to Closer. “The emphasis is on doing it at a pace that elevates her heart rate and then resting for 90 seconds after every four-minute workout.”

Check out the before and after photos of Carrie looking fabulous in the new issue of Closer Weekly, on stands now.