There are tons of remakes that Hollywood not only have done already, but will be doing in the near future. But there is one movie that actress Carol Kane doesn’t want the industry to touch again: The Princess Bride.

The 66-year-old played the role of Valerie in the 1987 classic film, and she would prefer that no one ever play that character or any other in the flick again. “I don’t think a movie remake [would work] because I think it’s perfect,” she told Page Six at The Paley Media Center in New York on Thursday, January 24. “I would gather that [director] Rob Reiner would say the same and everybody in it would say the same.”

The fantasy film has a massive following, as fans still find themselves quoting lines from it, and the Scrooged costar doesn’t want to mess with any of that. “I think that I cannot imagine them doing a remake although now they’re doing remakes of just about everything,” she told the outlet. “But why remake something that’s perfect the first time around? That’s what I think.” The cast also included big-time names like Robin WrightPeter Falk, Christopher GuestBilly Crystal and Carl Elwes.

The Princess Bride
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And this isn’t the first time that someone who was part of the film has spoken up about not wanting to see someone touch the movie, as Robin, 55, who played  the role of The Princess Bride, once told E! News this: “I think they entertained the idea for a minute. We thought, ‘Don’t ruin it. Please don’t ruin it.'” She added that it would be tough to recreate what her and her costars had, saying, “We were shooting in the middle of nowhere up in the north. It was just us down in the restaurant at night after shooting and it was a big, happy family just having a hoot of a time and playing music at night and cooking dinner and shooting a really great, iconic film.”

Well for now we think that the movie is safe for now as there is no word of a remake in the pipeline. But of course that can change in an instant.