When you hear that television legend Carol Burnett is collaborating on a film with, among others, the brilliant Tina Fey, and that that project is based on Carol’s own bestselling book about the relationship between her and her daughter, Carrie and Me, you can’t help but feel that there is something very special on the way.

Published in 2013, Carrie and Me is described by Booklist‘s Margaret Flanagan as follows: “Beloved comic actress and author Burnett has penned a poignant tribute to her late daughter, Carrie Hamilton. Pulling no punches, Burnett details Carrie’s youthful struggles with drug addiction and her long, hard journey through rehab and beyond. After successfully emerging from the dark years, Hamilton forged a successful, independent career for herself as both an actress and a writer. Before she died at age 38 of lung cancer, she asked her mother to complete Sunrise to Memphis, the story she had been working on before her illness exacted its final toll. Unable to do so, Burnett came up with an alternative, fashioning an intimate portrait of a sometimes challenging, always loving mother-daughter relationship by combining correspondence from Carrie with her own anecdotes and memories. As a bonus, Burnett provides the unfinished Sunrise to Memphis — a fitting tribute to her talented daughter’s creative life.”


Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Turner

As previously reported by Closer Weekly, the relationship between mother and daughter could be rough during the latter’s teenage years. “She got sober when she was 17,” Carol explained. “I put her in a third rehab place and, oh my God, she hated me. I came to the conclusion that I had to love her enough to let her hate me. She got sober and we started bonding. We wound up working together, writing a play together. We worked together on three shows.”

According to Deadline, “The film will follow the highs and lows of Burnett’s life as a working mother, actress and producer — all told through her relationship with her daughter Carrie.”

No production start or release date has been announced as of yet.

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