Candace Cameron Bure has bravely opened up about her past eating disorder — and revealed she’s now teaching her three children the importance of loving their bodies!

“Growing up on television didn’t impact [my eating disorder]. The bulimia didn’t start for me until I was off of Full House and engaged in a new area of my life, which was marriage and moving to a new city and it was all about an emotional control that I really had lost and didn’t know where to find myself,” the 40-year-old actress said during a Wednesday, Oct. 19 appearance on [The Dr. Oz Show](

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Candace at age 18 in May 1994.

“I’ve had to learn to view food as my fuel and something I can enjoy and do enjoy and am allowed to enjoy in moderation. I can no longer look at food as my source of comfort because that’s what I was doing,” Candace — who suffered from bulimia in her early 20s — continued.

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“I would feed my emotions with food. And for me, because my faith is so important to me and my relationship with Jesus, I learned to turn to him when I need that emotional comfort,” she said.

candace cameron bure getty images

Candace with her husband and three kids in February 2016.

Today, the mom to Natasha, 18, Lev, 16, and Maksim, 14, is dedicated to helping her three kids learn body confidence. “As a mom, I’m always telling my children love who you are. You are beautifully and wonderfully made. You are unique and there is no one like you. Embrace it and love it,” Candace continued.

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“But if there is a point of struggle in your life, the first step is to tell someone. I think that’s the hardest thing to do and once you share it and get it out there, then you can look for ways to recover,” she added.