We have always been fascinated with the royal family, most recently with Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex, Megan Markle. And we all know the massive amounts of attention that Princess Diana received during her lifetime and still receives today. But if there is one member of the family that has been fairly quiet for years it’s Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, the woman who would ultimately be an extremely important figure in the lives of Harry and Prince William. And the woman those two would ultimately call their stepmom.

Chris Jackson / Clarence House via Getty Images

Most recently, Prince Charles and his family posed for a new official portrait for his 70th birthday. And while we know all of the faces involved from William, to Harry, to even Prince George, it is Camilla that has folks talking today. We’re even hearing about just how much Camilla has been embraced by Queen Elizabeth. According to the Daily Mail, Queen Elizabeth has been impressed by Camilla’s quiet and humble approach to her royal duties. Elizabeth has also been all about the way Camilla has supported her son in becoming quite the successful future monarch. But aside all of that, it is Camilla’s role as stepmom to both William and Harry that has been the most important.

A person close to the family told the Daily Mail, “[Camilla’s] political antennae are pretty sharp. She knew that stepping into Diana’s shoes was one thing, but then to assume her role as mother to the boys would have been positively inflammatory. She let them know she was there if they ever wanted advice, but never tried to impose it on them. There were probably times when Charles wished she had, but the relationship with the boys has come out that much stronger as a result of her not getting involved.”

But Camilla, of course, has not only helped raised William and Harry, as she has also raised her own two children — Tom and Laura. And not to mention that Camilla has been quite the major help with both Kate and Meghan as they both attempt to make the royal life, their life. It should be more than apparent now the vital role Camilla has been in the lives of the two most famous brothers on the planet.

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