Let’s explore the best sites to buy Instagram followers safely in 2021.

Why do people buy Instagram followers?

Instagram has grown over the years into the second most used social network anywhere on the internet (next to Facebook/TikTok). With over 2 billion active users and millions of them signing in to view their favorite content on a daily basis, online marketers need to know how to take advantage of all of the eyes that could be on their content. 

Instagram users are known for engaging with the content they love, more so than on other social media platforms. For anyone looking to expand their social media marketing strategy, making sure to have a presence on Instagram with a business account of your own is vital to connect with these users. 

If you want to become the next Instagram influencer, you might be looking for ways that you can quickly work on your growth on the platform. Other social networks lack the kind of engagement you can find among Instagram users, so working on building your engagement rate for your Instagram page is going to be crucial to fostering that connection. 

One thing you could think about doing is to buy Instagram followers. This strategy works well for people looking to establish a following on the photo-sharing giant, and grow their number of followers exponentially without having to go through the usual, time-consuming growth process. 

Is buying Instagram followers 100% safe?

Buying Instagram followers technically does run afoul of Instagram’s terms of service. However, these rules are mostly related to fake followers and bot accounts, all of which usually end up being purged from Instagram’s systems. With that in mind, it is important to make sure that the platforms you use to buy Instagram followers provide you with only real followers who will up your follower count without technically breaking any rules. 

There is a bright side to considering doing things this way. You can work on your growth strategy, gain some notoriety among users on Instagram, and hopefully build an organic following out of your efforts. However, the key is to make sure you don’t buy too many followers at once – after all, it would appear suspect if a brand new Instagram account suddenly has thousands of followers for no apparent reason.

Buy small amounts of IG followers at a time, and your growth will appear organic.  

What are the best sites to buy Instagram followers?

Every small business with a presence on Insta can take advantage of purchasing real followers for their Instagram profile. You want to get more eyes on your Instagram posts, but you want to do so without making it obvious that you are purchasing your followers. 

Before purchasing followers, make sure the sites you think about working with follow some of these practices: 

  • Ensure the connection to the site is secured with HTTPS. Look for a lock icon in your URL bar to confirm you are on a secure site. 
  • Ensure the site you work with doesn’t have instant delivery – you want your followers to come in slowly, not all at once, making your growth appear more organic. 
  • You should look for legit customer reviews on the sites. 
  • Find a provider with a good support team in place in case you need help.
  • Look for a guarantee on followers, so you can replenish any followers you lose from your follower count.

With this in mind, there are several great companies who can give you a hand in raising the amount of active followers on your page. 

Below you’ll find the best sites to buy real Instagram followers safely in 2021.

1. Twicsy

There is a good reason that Twicsy appears at the top of so many lists for good places to buy authentic followers on Instagram. They provide only high-quality followers to your Instagram profile, ensuring you get great levels of engagement on the content you post. Not only do they have flexible pricing for you to choose from, but you can also have peace of mind with a 2 week money-back guarantee if you aren’t completely happy with the purchase. 


Twicsy makes it simple to choose a target audience based on the content you post. Simply select your preferred number of followers, make your payment, then sit back and watch the followers begin to come into your account. It couldn’t be simpler. You can also buy Instagram likes from Twicsy just as easily.


2. Buzzoid

Buzzoid is a company who has almost been around as long as the Instagram platform itself, and has made quite a name for itself since then. You can improve your Instagram marketing by working with Buzzoid, who delivers only real followers to your Instagram page. This way, you can always make sure you aren’t getting any fake followers and not breaking any of Instagram’s rules regarding bots. 

Buzzoid makes it easy for you to target your preferred audience based on similar accounts, and then you can watch your fast delivery of your followers as they come. You will most likely see engagement from these accounts, as they are genuine followers who already have some interest in what you are posting. 

Buzzoid has several payment method options to select from, including PayPal and cryptocurrency. With this and their dedicated support team, you can be sure that Buzzoid will be there to help if you need assistance or have questions about your purchase. Similar to Twicsy, you can also buy Instagram likes from Buzzoid.

3. Rushmax

Rushmax has great and flexible pricing options compared to some other sites on this list. You can choose from smaller packages, as low as 50 followers for a few dollars, or up to 5000 followers. To make it even more secure, the company does not require access to your Instagram password. 

Like others on this list, the company also gives you access to a 24/7 support line, so you have assistance if you need it. 

4. iDigic

Specializing only in Instagram growth, iDigic has set itself apart from the competition by making it easy for anyone to buy more followers to their Instagram profile business account. The company provides Instagram follower services, as well as the ability to buy Instagram likes if you wish. It couldn’t be easier to improve your marketing strategy than by working with iDigic. 

They give you access to custom targeting tools, letting you have some customization over the audience you want to select to see your posts. You can even dig deeper, going as far as targeting certain countries or even genders. With their 24/7 support and solid followers packages, you can make Instagram’s algorithm notice what your business is up to, and hopefully even land in the trending and coveted Discover section, where your content could be seen by millions. 

5. DYV Viral

DYV Viral does things a different way – through automation. You don’t need to worry about buying followers from them, because you pay for an automated growth service that works without your intervention to bring more engagement to your content on Instagram. 

You can also take advantage of their customer support team and reporting features, allowing you to see how your growth is expanding on the platform.  

6. V Labs

V Labs is a good option for people who are thinking about trying a growth service without making any commitments. With this company, you can try out a few free followers and likes to see if it suits your strategy. If you like it, you can buy even more, or you can use their subscription service to get access to a stream of new followers every single month. 

7. Diozzub

Diozzub is an interesting entry to this list. It probably is not the best option for people who are new to Instagram, because they specialize in selling huge amounts of followers for more established profiles. If your account is brand new, you shouldn’t use this service, as all of a sudden having tons of followers would not look organic at all. 

However, if you have a bit of an established presence on Instagram already, there is no harm in adding some more followers on top. 

How much does it cost to buy Instagram followers?

If you want to take advantage of any of these Instagram services, you are going to need to know how much money you have to spare on buying up followers. It will largely depend on the number of people you want to follow you, as well as which service you end up choosing. 

You can get started for as little as a few dollars from many services, or you can pick up larger amounts of followers for a little more money. Work to do this over a longer period of time, and you will also build up invaluable organic followers that will do wonders in boosting your engagement rate and overall social proof. 

Stay away from sites selling fake accounts, work hard to use the right hashtags in your content, and you will get somewhere with your Instagram marketing strategy. Remember, fake accounts are not real people!

Buy Instagram followers and boost your social media marketing

Ready to get the ball rolling for yourself? You can pick up real Instagram followers by choosing your preferred best site out of the ones listed here. With some time and strategies, you can get plenty of real accounts and people following you that will work wonders in bringing a nice boost to your Instagram profile (potentially even new customers). Hopefully, some of these new followers will end up translating into sales for your business, or traffic for your website. 

We recommend Twicsy.com as the best site to buy Instagram followers.