We think Busy Philipps should receive an award for being the best mom ever! On Sunday, July 14, the 40-year-old talk show host took to Instagram to show her fans all of the hard work that went into planning her daughter Cricket’s 6th birthday party. And judging by the photos, Busy did everything her daughter wanted — down to the tiniest detail.

“For her birthday party, Cricket asked me to make her ‘a stand up rainbow cake with marshmallow clouds and a giant star on top.’ So. THAT IS WHAT I MADE HER. 🌈⭐️💗🌈,” the mom of two captioned the adorable pic of Cricket’s yummy cake.

“You nailed it! 💯,” one of her followers wrote in the comments section. Another said, “👑🙌👏💖 Wow thats amazing. She will always remember these special things you do for her. I still remember the strawberry pink heart my mom would make me. All out of Love!” A third added, “OMG!! That is such a cool cake!! First, I love your daughters imagination! Second, I mean … you get all the cool points for making her vision into a reality!!! Great job!!! I’m sure she was so happy!!!”

A couple of hours later, Busy shared another photo of Cricket’s party, but this time it was snap of her daughter looking really unhappy after her celebration ended. “To be fair, it was my fault for waiting until the party had been over for 2 hours to ask her to take this picture,” Busy hilariously penned the caption.

As soon as her followers saw the funny snap online, they immediately responded back to Busy’s post. “Lol. She is coming down from the hype of the party and realizing it’s back to life as usual. It’s the same face a grown woman has two hours after her wedding is over,” one person said. Another wrote, “This photo should be in a museum. What a great snapshot of being a kid.”

Busy sure knows how to throw a party and make her fans laugh!