What a mom! Busy Philipps is all about her kids — and she decided to prove that once again by getting a tattoo in honor of her eldest child Birdie.

The 40-year-old took to Instagram on Saturday, September 21 to show off her fresh ink. “Thank you @gee.tattoo, she’s perfect and beautiful and so full of color and depth and life, just like our real life Bird,” the actress wrote alongside two photos of her new tattoo.

Take a look at it below!

Busy Phillips

Fans of course were all about the tat — and they made it known in the comments section. “Wow! Looks gorgeous Busy!” one person said. Another added, “Very beautiful, such vibrant colors!”

Busy shares Birdie, 13, and another daughter Cricket, 6, with her husband, screenwriter, Marc Silverstein. However, this is not the only tattoo that the blonde beauty has gotten for a child — back in late August she got some ink for her youngest girl.

“I ❤️ my little magical. (Don’t worry guys, the [bird] is coming soon,” the Dawson’s Creek alum wrote in the Instagram caption. And of course, Busy stayed true to her word.

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The Busy Tonight host has always been quite open about her life, and she always makes sure to give her fans and followers little sneak peeks into what she’s been up to. Earlier this year she revealed to everyone that she had just tried on her wedding dress on years after the special day.

“Yes. I really pulled out my wedding dress from 12 years ago,” Busy joked via Instagram next to a side-by-side snap of herself in the gorgeous gown. “It basically fit except my stupid upper rib cage which grew after my two babies. No one tells you about that s–t. But babies expand your rib cage so, just be aware. This is a PSA. #themoreyouknow #busytonight #busyyonighttv.”

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Oh hiiiiiiii. Happy THURSDAY to you too.

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Busy even wore it to an episode of her E! show — and she recalled the day she tied the knot. “Mark and I were planning a surprise wedding, I didn’t wear a ring and we didn’t want anyone to know we were getting married,” the TV personality recalled. “We just had invited all of our friends to this surprise birthday party. They thought they were coming to surprise me, but the plan was always that I would show up in this dress — as you can see, it’s a real showstopper — and then we would say, ‘Surprise is on you, we’re getting married right now!’” So great!