Did you know Burt Reynolds was a collegiate athlete?! Though the late 82-year-old actor was most known for his acting roles in classic movies including Deliverance, The Longest Yard, Smokey and the Bandit, and Boogie Nights, Burt was also once an accomplished jock! Scroll down to find out which sport Burt played in college, plus learn more fascinating facts about the late Hollywood star. 

What sport did Burt Reynolds play in college?

Burt first began receiving athletic scholarship offers for football in the mid-1950s as a 10th grader at Palm Beach High School in West Palm Beach, FL. After graduating, Burt attended Florida State University on a football scholarship and played halfback. 

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                         Burt at Florida State University in 1950. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Though Burt aspired to join the NFL, he was injured during the first game of his sophomore season. A subsequent car accident worsened his injury and Burt later reluctantly ended his college football career. 

Where is Burt Reynolds from?

Burton “Burt” Leon Reynolds was born in Lansing, MI on Feb. 11, 1936, to Fern H. Miller Reynolds and Burton Milo Reynolds. Throughout his childhood, Burt and his family lived in Michigan, Missouri, and Florida. 

Who was Burt married to?

In 1963, Burt tied the knot with English actress Judy Carne but they divorced just two years later in 1965. The Striptease star was then hitched to actress Loni Anderson from 1998 until 1993. Between his two marriages, Burt had a high-profile relationship with actress Sally Field, though the two never exchanged vows. In his 2015 memoir, Burt sweetly referred to Sally as the “love of his life.”

Does Burt Reynolds have a son or daughter?

During their marriage, Burt and Loni adopted a son named Quinton Anderson Reynolds, who was born in August 1988. He’s now 30 years old.

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                                    Burt and his son in 2003. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

How did he die?

The actor unfortunately passed away in September 2018 after going into cardiac arrest at a Jupiter, FL hospital with his family by his side. Burt had been plagued with health issues in recent years

After once breaking his jaw, Burt lost 30 pounds by not eating and reportedly became addicted to painkillers for several years. In May 2009, he underwent back surgery and in February 2010 had a quintuple heart bypass.

In 2015, Burt’s “weak and frail” appearance at a Philadelphia Wizard World Comic Con event led many fans to worry about his health. “People were concerned,” an eyewitness told Closer Weekly at the time. 

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                                   Burt in August 2015. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

“Burt has health problems on so many fronts and they’re slowly eating away at him,” a friend of the actor had said before his death. Burt also opened up in a previous interview about how he physically struggled because of years and years of doing his own stunt work on film shoots. “I did all my own stunts, which is why I can’t walk very well now,” he said. Rest in peace.