In his new film, The Last Movie Star, Burt Reynolds plays an aging actor who imagines himself interacting with younger versions of himself, as Burt is inserted into scenes from his classic films like Deliverance and Smokey and the Bandit. “Best co-star I ever had,” he exclusively joked to Closer Weekly after a recent screening of Deliverance at NYC’s Metrograph.

But if Burt could go back in time, what would he tell his younger self? “Don’t work with Kathleen Turner,” he deadpanned of his prickly leading lady in 1988’s flop Switching Channels. The 82-year-old further dissed the now-63-year-old actress while making an appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live! on Thursday, March 15. On the show, host Andy Cohen asked Burt whom he thought the most overrated actor in the ’70s and ’80s was, to which he shockingly replied, “Kathleen Turner.” Clearly, he’s not holding back!

kathleen turner 2018 getty

Kathleen Turner in 2018.

But the actor did have kind words for his other big-screen love interests, slyly calling The Best Little Whorehouse in TexasDolly Parton “a double thrill” to work with and explaining how he convinced studio execs to cast Sally Field in Smokey. “They said, ‘She’s not sexy,’ and I said, ‘You’re idiots. Talent is sexy.’ And she’s an amazing talent,” he continued to Closer.

Burt previously gushed about his admiration for Sally, even admitting that he’s still in love with his former co-star and girlfriend to Hoda Kotb during his Thursday, March 15 Today appearance. “You’ve had an incredible career [with] so many great roles and so many great loves. But I’ve always wondered; when I think about the women in your life — who would you consider the love of your life?” the Today co-anchor asked Burt. “You’re naughty, you really are. I’m dead in the water, no matter what I say. Well, she was [age] seven when I fell in love with her and she stayed seven for about 11 years. I would say, Sally,” he exclaimed. So sweet!