When it comes to intimacy, Julianne Hough‘s husband, Brooks Laich, says he has learned a lot more thanks to his wife.

The professional hockey player, 36, and singer Gavin DeGraw currently have a popular podcast titled “How Men Think,” and the athlete will have quite the guest in an upcoming episode: his love Julianne, 3. In it they will offer listeners a peak into their sex life. Brooks recently revealed just how “blown away” he was by his wife’s take on the private topic.

“I was like, ‘What you just said was so eloquent and beautiful that everybody needs to hear it. It can’t just stay between you and I,’” Brook tells People of what the America’s Got Talent judge said during their conversation. “So she comes on for the episode, and we open up about intimacy in our lives, and sex, and it’s absolutely incredible. It’s the most open and raw we’ve ever been, and I just hope people take stuff from that interview and apply it to their relationship.”

“We have never been so specific, detailed and open about exactly what goes on in our relationship and our respective thoughts and approaches to intimacy and sex,” the former Los Angeles King forward continued. “We give people our exact specifics, how we create intimacy, why it’s important to us and open up about our sex life.”

While listeners should expect to learn a lot about the couple, it was Brooks himself who also saw another side of Julianne. “We have amazing discussions at home, but this was another discussion of learning, growth and understanding of each other. This is an area in my life that I want to learn more, and my wife is vastly more evolved in this area. For her to come on and share … it was just so powerful.”

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The couple first tied the knot in 2017. They currently have no children. “I feel like I’ve found my person. I try and keep the big picture in mind at all points that this is my best friend in the world,” Brooks said. “And I believe she does the same for me.”

As much as Brooks is crazy about Julianne, the dancer of course feels the same. “Brooks is a huge support system for her whenever she’s feeling anxious or depressed,” a source close to the couple revealed to Us Weekly. “He’s the kindest man and so patient with her. He always has an intense look of love when they’re together. He looks at her like she’s the only person in the room.”

It’s incredible to see how open these two can be with each other!