Given that he’s into photography, Brooklyn Beckham‘s Instagram’s our absolute inspo. That oh-so-aesthetically-pleasing palette, those grid goals, and the fact he recently chucked essentially an entire Cameron Dallas shoot on his profile. The kid rarely gets it wrong.

Until one of his most recent posts, that is. Yup, Brooklyn’s come under fire from fans over his latest shoot by pal Damon Barker, which saw him post and consequently delete a photo of him posing with a gun.

brooklyn beckham deleted instagram picture

Brooklyn obviously moved to New York recently to pursue his career in photography, but followers weren’t happy with the black and white pics shot by Damon. The first upload saw him pointing a gun towards the camera, with another side profile snap proving just as controversial.

Quick to point out Brooklyn’s questionable post, one fan commented, “I think that people with a lot of followers could spread good, not promote the use of weapons with so many tragedies and violence happening in the world.” Another said, “Really?! What does this make you? Cool?” with one fan adding, “Guns aren’t cool. Dislike.” Oh dear. After deleting the pictures, Brooklyn continued to post more shots from the same shoot with…um…less focus on the whole gun element.

Brooklyn started taking pictures at the young age of 14. In an interview he did with GQ Magazine, he shared his first camera was gifted to him from his father, David Beckham. “I do backstage photography at my mom’s [fashion] shows, and I mean, I love doing it — but my mom’s like, ‘Go take pictures of the models!’ and I’m a bit shy. So I kind of have to get the first two out of the way, and then I’m used to it,” he revealed.

This post was written by Carl Smith. It originally appeared on our sister site, heatworld.