There is clearly no time to slow down for Brooke Shields, as she recently showed off just how hard she works out when she hits the gym.

The 54-year-old took to Instagram on Saturday, December 28, to share two videos — both showing off how she stays incredibly fit. “Defying gravity at the gym today. Still feeling the burn,” she wrote alongside the clips. Scroll on down to see Brooke in action!

People were more than impressed, as they took to the comments section to react. “Insanely dedicated,” one person wrote. “You are a super woman,” another added. One even chimed in with, “Wow! You’re making us 50’s gals proud! Well done you.” Brook wasn’t always this confident about her body — she once revealed that her mother, Teri Shields, would keep her down growing up.

“My mother would get drunk and say, ‘Why don’t you move your fat a–,'” the Hollywood star recalled to PorterEdit in an interview. “So I’ve always believed I had a fat a–.” Brooke would get the same feedback when she entered the modeling world.

“Even then I didn’t think I had a swimsuit body,” she told the outlet. “I was a cover girl, not a supermodel. I was ‘neck up’ — the face, the eyebrows — and I was always described as ‘athletic’; ‘not rail-thin’; ‘not a runway model.’ Those messages, they seep into your consciousness.” However, it was her husband, Chris Hency, who truly made her feel beautiful.

“I would walk backwards out of rooms, and he’d say: ‘No, I want to grab onto you,’” the Golden Globe nominee said. “He really celebrated my womanliness and my body. And I needed a man to celebrate me.” The happy pair tied the knot in 2001. They share two kids — daughters Rowan, 16, and Grier, 13. Today, Brooke hopes to teach her little ones an important lesson.

“It’s finding your power and finding your strength but owning it and owning it honestly and purely and not having to fight others necessarily for it, just the presence of it in who you are is what I try to teach them,” Brooke exclusively told Closer Weekly while attending While recently attending the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in New York City.

Brooke is such an inspiration!