Supermodel Brooke Shields chooses her words wisely when she talks to her two daughters, Rowan, 17, and Grier, 14, about their changing bodies.

“I have two very very different daughters [with] very different body types, and you have to be really careful [with] how you talk to them,” Brooke, 55, explained during a recent video interview on “Everything is taken differently and it’s taken to heart.”

By using a sensitive approach, Brooke, who shares her children with husband Chris Henchy, has helped her daughters feel more confident about their appearance. She’s also been a great role model to them by talking openly about her “naturally strong build.”

Brooke Shields
Courtesy of Brooke Shields/ Instagram

“I was never skinny. I was never considered the skinny one … I’ve got man hands, and man hands are great,” Brooke explained. “I have a very strong bone structure and I’m a strong person.”

The There Was a Little Girl: The Real Story of My Mother and Me author revealed she never saw herself as a “waif” thin model so she focused on building muscle-tone instead. “Strength became my go-to,” Brooke said. “I have to work really hard to be fit … I’m not a naturally ectomorphic person. I have to really work my ass off but I’m stronger and healthier and now I don’t feel like have to hide as much.”

While in quarantine, Brooke has maintained her amazing workout routine. Sometimes, she would post videos on Instagram of her doing various exercises at home. But she’s been having the most fun spending time with her two daughters around the house. In May, the doting mom shared a hilarious clip of Rowan playing a prank on her by hitting her in the face with her bag.

“What she forgot was she had a bottle of sunscreen [in her bookbag] … a metal one of those spray bottles of sunscreen,” the Pretty Baby star said on The Talk. “She clipped me so hard in the mouth — she felt so horrible, she was crying after. I thought it was funny … and then I called her a bad name.”

Now that some quarantine restrictions are starting to ease up amid the coronavirus pandemic, Brooke and her kids can have even more fun outside!