Actress and fitness guru Brooke Burke tells Closer exclusively that while she and fiancé Scott Rigsby “don’t have wedding plans yet,” they are starting to think about their future nuptials. The pair got engaged in September 2021 after two years of dating. 

“We’re starting to talk out how, when, we know why. We’re just trying to design, you know, what it’s going to look like,” the former Wild On! host shares. “And I have … I can’t say I didn’t have a wedding. I had a ceremony the first few go-arounds, but I didn’t really have a wedding.” 

Brooke Burke’s ‘Special’ Wedding Plans With Scott Rigsby 

Of course, when the big day does roll around, Brooke hopes that all four of her children, Neriah and Sierra, with her first ex-husband, Garth Fisher, and Heaven and Shaya with her second ex-husband, David Charvet, are involved. Scott also has two children from a previous marriage. 

“Our kids are really into it and we’re trying to figure out … it’s hard for us to do. We can either have to really do it and do it up, or not do it and do something really into it and sacred,” she says. “So, I want it to be special. And I don’t know. I don’t think we’ll get to it this year just because it’s just still so weird.” 

As far as the honeymoon goes, Brooke has a favorite vacation destination in mind: Positano, Italy. After the couple got engaged, they took a trip to Italy, a “special place” for the Connecticut native and the real estate mogul. Brooke reveals that it is one of her “all-time favorite destinations on the planet.” She particularly enjoys “the vertical city, the views, the Amalfi coast, just the romance,” and most importantly, “the love.”

The former Dancing with the Stars host, who turned 50 on September 8, 2021, has been busy working on her new fitness program with Christine Bullock, in between thinking about her wedding. 

“Christine and I have done a bunch of different programs together. She’s so fun, so hard, so talented. And we really mixed it up,” Brooke says. “We did 20-minute workouts, which I think is doable for anyone who utilized a lot of stuff at home. We did a chair. That’s like a bar class so a lot of core balance. And then, we did our first ever cardio dance party, which was really messy and fun.” 

The brunette beauty swears by the Tru Niagen supplement that she takes every single day to increase her “overall well-being.” She credits the supplement for giving her the energy to carry out all of her daily tasks in her busy household. She and Scott live in a stunning California home and the actress reveals whether or not they have immediate plans to move after their wedding. 

“I love my house. My kids love this house, and Scott, you know, we have kids in different schools, and so, we’re navigating that right now and trying to figure out, and there’s a lot of us,” she says. “Right now, we’re back right now. We’re back and forth. So, it’s working.”