This story is truly magical!

Newlyweds Aimee Maiden, 25, and Nick Wheeler, 26, first met and fell in love during college. But the British couple soon found out their paths had crossed long before then!

While digging through old photos at Nick’s grandparents’ house, the duo discovered one taken in 1994 at a beach in Mousehole, Cornwall. While the groom poses with a boat made out of sand in the foreground, his future wife can be seen playing with her family in the background.

aimee and nick

Aimee and Nick on their wedding day (Photo via The Huffington Post)

Although Aimee grew up in Mousehole, Nick is originally from Kent, about 300 miles away. He just happened to visit the town on a family vacation.

The pair will surely treasure the photo forever and have already paid homage to the special spot, tying the knot only steps away in a nearby church.

As crazy as their story is, it isn’t the first time a married couple has made such an unbelievable discovery.

In 2010, Alex and Donna Voutsinas found a photograph of themselves at Disney World — taken 15 years before they met!

disney world

Photo via the Toronto Star

While Donna poses with a Disney character in the foreground, Alex can be seen being pushed in a stroller not far behind.

But that’s not even the craziest part: The pair were living in different countries at the time! “It just blew our minds when we realized,” Alex told The Toronto Star.