A troop of Boy Scouts are finally being recognized a month after their random act of kindness helped an injured Ann Curry down Bear Mountain in upstate New York.

Troop 368 of Berkeley Heights, N.J. stumbled across the injured 57-year-old and her family during a hike through Harriman State Park on April 5. When they asked if she was alright, the TV journalist responded, “No, not really. I think I broke my ankle.”

Ann’s family had only been able to carry her so far and knew she needed medical attention. When she urged the Scouts to keep going, they ignored her and began finding materials to craft a splint, according to Scouting magazine.

boy scouts

Troop 368 (Photo credit: Scouting magazine)

It only took the boys about 5 minutes to craft the wooden splint after which they created a stretcher for the reporter by tying a tarp to two poles.

Eight boys maneuvered the tarp down the steep mountain, reaching the bottom some 30 minutes later. The mother-of-two stayed in good spirits on the way down, chatting with the boys about their trip to New York before being loaded into the car by husband Brian Ross and taken to a hospital.

“We were just doing what Boy Scouts do,” Chris Tribuna, 17, told NY Daily News of the act.

bear mountain

View of Bear Mountain in upstate New York

Ann has since mailed a letter to each of the Scouts thanking them for their help and quick thinking.

“Your skill and professionalism were a great comfort to me,” she wrote. “I feel enormously lucky you came along at just the right moment, and were so willing to help a stranger in need.”

The letter goes on to reveal that Ann broke her leg and will be recuperating for 3 months.

The NBC News Correspondent later tweeted: