Bo Derek has shunned surgery like the plague and doesn’t believe in it, as sources exclusively tell Closer that she maintains her perfect 10 body with a healthy diet and by staying very active on her ranch in Santa Ynez Valley.

An insider says, “It’s incredible how she’s stayed so youthful looking at 67. She’s still quite the beauty and dropping jaws everywhere she goes. She’s among a rare breed who refuses to succumb to cosmetic nip/tucks, and she gets very prickly at even the suggestion she’s had anything ‘done.’”

So, how does Bo maintain her everlasting beauty? According to the insider, “she just takes good care of herself, eats a mostly vegetarian diet, limits carbs, and seems happy in her marriage to John [Corbett], which accounts for a lot.”

That said, the 10 actress “doesn’t even have a grueling workout to speak of.”

“She’s a homebody who takes care of her ranch and cleans the house herself, tends to her horses and pets. That’s her exercise,” the insider shares. “She also stays toned by riding her horses and swimming. Bo’s the envy of every actress in Hollywood.”

Bo Derek’s ‘Dropping Jaws’ With Her Natural Beauty at 67

In 2015, Bo opened up about aging and admitted that “beauty” is “artificial.”

“I realize that it doesn’t last forever, that’s for damn sure,” she told CBS News Sunday Morning at the time. “Aging is really hard, and it’s tough. Bette Davis was right; it’s not for sissies, it really isn’t.”

Bo also shared that she gets both complimented and ridiculed for going the non-plastic surgery route in her life in a filler-filled Hollywood world.

“There is a certain expectation. I get credit on one hand for not having had a facelift, and then on the other hand it’s, ‘Oh my God, why doesn’t she do something?’” she recalled. “So, you’re just torn. I just have to keep busy, have other interests, and try not to think about it.”

Not to mention, Bo has used the advantages of her God-given beauty toward the help of animals. In 2017, the Hollywood beauty revealed the origin story of her pet hygiene brand Bless the Beasts.

“I had been approached for 20 years for different kinds of beauty products and I kept turning things down because I wasn’t really comfortable giving beauty advice,” Bo admitted during an interview with Animal Wellness. “At one point I was working with chemists and I said ‘What I really need is something for all my animals. They smell so bad they’re driving me out of my own home’. So I started working with chemists just for my own use. Everything out there is basically industrial strength and harsh ingredients so these products are unique. It’s a new world for me, but it’s where my heart is.”

Last but certainly not least, Bo’s marriage to John, 63, helps maintain her youthful glow. The pair were set up on a date to the 74th Academy Awards in 2002 and maintained a lowkey relationship ever since. After dating for 18 years, Bo and John tied the knot.

“After 20 years we decided to get married, we didn’t want 2020 to be that thing that everybody looks back at and hated,” the My Big Fat Greek Wedding actor said during an August 2021 appearance on The Talk. “We thought, ‘Well, let’s get one nice thing out of it.'”