There’s nothing like a signature scent to help you express yourself and feel confident in your skin. It becomes your go-to when you need an extra boost during important moments. However, finding that signature scent takes some trial and error. At any rate, it used to be that way before Blu Atlas Atlantis appeared on the scene. 

Blu Atlas developed their flagship cologne for the man who refuses to settle for the status quo. If ever a scent embodied the quote “Not all those who wander are lost,” it would be Atlantis, which was developed to evoke the magical, mysterious qualities of the coastal jungle of Bali. 

Atlantis is a fresh, bold scent layered deftly to bring out your inner adventurer. It braids a hint of citrus sweetness with deep masculine and musky notes to create an enthralling blend. In this Blu Atlas Atlantis cologne review, we’re going to break down this scent so you can get a sense of what it feels like to be an Atlantis man.

Scent Notes

If you’ve ever been to the jungle in Bali, you’ll know it is brimming with life and whispers of promise while maintaining an air of mysterious otherness. That’s what Atlantis evokes, thanks to a dynamic blend of scent notes. 

When you first apply Atlantis, you’re showered in engaging notes of bergamot, lemon and blackcurrant that instantly awaken the senses. After a time, the sweet citrus and fruity top notes give way to more herbaceous and complex notes of lavender, apricot, floral clary sage, and summery peach. At this point, you’re already hooked, gearing up for the thrills the day will bring. 

Once you’ve fully lived out the heart of the fragrance, you’re in for a treat with resounding base notes. Deep musk and sweet orris pair brilliantly with woody violet and sensual, almost animalistic ambrette seed and smoky oakmoss. Not only will the base of the fragrance carry you through important events and high-pressure scenarios, it will also bring anyone nearby along for the ride, pulling them ever closer.

These captivating scent notes also happen to originate from ingredients entirely free of synthetic dyes, parabens, preservatives, and phthalates. This vegan, cruelty-free formula is one you can feel good about wearing and one that will make you feel good about yourself.


The packaging of this product is clean and minimalist. Blu Atlas is not trying to simply sell you a product; they want you to develop your own relationship with this fragrance and experience it for what it truly is. The bottle has an understated monochromatic design with a simple logo and a satisfyingly heavy magnetic cap. 

This bottle would look great on any bathroom counter or dresser, and perhaps that is the point: Blu Atlas is a brand for every man, no matter his lifestyle. They want to ensure their products have a place in any man’s life, so long as that man has a sense of adventure and wants to get the most out of his experiences. The packaging is both uncomplicated and classy, making a statement without making a fuss.

First Impression

First impressions are always important. Our first impression of Atlantis was that this cologne is aptly named. The coastal jungle-like scents give you the impression of a paradisiacal yet mysterious island where adventure awaits. 

Though this scent evokes power, there is nothing aggressive about it. It is mature in its subtlety and refrains from overloading your senses. Its cool, crisp aroma will transport you to the sweet feeling of promise that a rainy day holds, or the thrill of discovering a new world. However, the scent also has a hint of familiarity, evoking a sense of nostalgia for adventures remembered.

The initial fresh notes alight your curiosity, then fade into an unexpectedly sweet and herbaceous heart. While the initial brightness and sweet notes fade, they blend perfectly into the musky, masculine base that may end up being your favorite part of the Atlantis experience. This cologne ushers you forward, leading you on a journey of discovery that may yield results you never expected. 


Atlantis starts off strong and powers you through the first hour or two of wear. It is neither shy nor overpowering, maintaining a perfect balance. If you sprayed on this cologne just before leaving the house in the morning, you’ll notice a couple of hours into your workday that the scent has eased off slightly. This is where it gives way to the smokier and earthier notes, and by lunchtime, you’ll be left with a refined fragrance, which will last until you arrive home in the evening. If it’s correctly applied, this scent should last you all day (or all night).

When and Where Should I Use It? 

This is an ideal cologne for the professional man who is looking for an appropriate fragrance to wear to work. The bright, fresh scent with scintillating notes of citrus will give you the powerful, confident, yet slightly mysterious aura that surrounds the most successful men. 

It will not distract your coworkers, but you may have a few people stopping you before you exit the elevator to ask you what you’re wearing. This cologne is also ideal for a first date. It allows you to get close, and is so compelling that it will make a second date irresistible. You can use this scent at any time of day or night, but if you’re a man who doesn’t relish waking up in the mornings, this cologne will give you something to look forward to.

Why You Should Pick This Cologne

Blu Atlas is a grooming brand that seeks to bring a clean luxury experience to the contemporary man. Atlantis embodies this mission with aplomb. Some colognes make the mistake of being overly dense and too assertively masculine, but this cologne doesn’t feel the need to overexpress itself. 

Think of this as the gin and tonic with lime of the fragrance world. It is laid-back and chill, with a hint of sweetness to counteract the woody smokiness at its heart. This cologne will allow you to embody the confident, powerful man you are. Wherever the adventure takes you, Atlantis has got your back.