For many moms-to-be, seeing their unborn child in an ultrasound photo is a milestone moment. But blind expectant mother Tatiana Guerra never thought she’d have that opportunity — until now.

In a touching new video created by Huggies Brazil, 30-year-old Guerra is given a 3-D ultrasound photo — created using a 3-D printer — of her son, Murilo, by her doctors with the phrase “I am your son,” written in braille.

blind mom video

Tatiana Guerra touches the 3-D image of her unborn son, Murilo.

“If you could touch him, would that let you know what he [looks] like?” the doctor asked Guerra — who lost her sight at age 17 — in the clip, to which she sweetly replied, “Yes.”

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As the doctor handed the woman the 3-D image of her baby, Guerra can be seen tracing the outline of the little one’s tiny face, head, ears and hands.

“I am very happy to meet Murilo… before he’s born,” she said while holding back tears. “Thanks, doctor.”

Watch the video of Guerra “seeing” her son for the first time in the video below.