As the star of the new fall sitcom, Black-ish, Anthony Anderson is feeling pretty good about himself, which is partly due to his 47-pound weight loss!

“This is what I’m supposed to look like,” shares the actor who at his heaviest weighed 270 lbs. Self-described as “husky,” the 44-year-old insists “being overweight” never held him back from achieving his dreams. “I’ve always been confident,” he admits.

Ever since he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes 13 years ago, “I started eating healthier and in moderation, but I was still sort of eating the same stuff that I’d been eating all my life,” Anthony confesses.

anthony anderson

It wasn’t until 2008 when the 5’10” star was cast in Law & Order that he decided to make a drastic change. “I got more serious about my health and appearance – not from a vanity standpoint. I just started making healthier choices,” the father-of-two shares.

And since then, the comedian has taken his healthier habits even further! “Six weeks ago, I moved to a plant-based diet. I’m vegan-ish,” he explains, though quickly adds, “[but] I’m not going to send anything back to the kitchen if some butter or cream found its way onto the plate.”

Although Anthony’s lost an impressive 47 pounds, not everyone in his family is thrilled with his recent food choices. “My daughter [Kira, 18] hates going out to eat with me because I’ll find the most obscure places that cater to what I need,” he tells People magazine.