Eleven years and counting! Giuliana Rancic‘s husband, Bill Rancic, adorably celebrated the couple’s wedding anniversay on Instagram by posting a cute pic of them at their wedding on Monday, Sept. 3. In the throwback snapshot, the loving duo appeared to be enjoying their first dance at their wedding with their arms wrapped tightly around each other. 

“[Eleven] years went fast, but man have they been amazing! Here’s to growing old together, baby,” Bill wrote in the caption and, after seeing the post, fans instantly wished the couple their best. “Happy Anniversary to two beautiful people inside and out! Many blessings for the years to come!” one person commented on the pic. 

Another added, “@GiulianaRancic and @BillRancic, I admire you both so much. The love and commitment you have for each other is so rare these days. Thanks for showing the rest of us how to do marriage the right way.”

In a previous exclusive interview with Closer Weekly, Bill opened up about proposing to Giuliana after they dated for only 11 months. “We got engaged pretty quickly,” he said. “I knew right away. She met my family early on. That doesn’t happen. I don’t bring people around my mom and my sisters, but it was very quick and I think it was the same on her end. I think we knew right away.”

(photo credit: getty images)

Giuliana and Bill — who are parents to a six-year-old son, Duke Rancic — also keep their marriage very interesting by trying new things together. “Bill and I decided to do something new this year and do a family resolution,” she previously told Closer in another exclusive interview. “So we created a resolution where every week, we’re carving out one night where we don’t just have dinner, but we also make it more special where we pick a recipe we’ve never tried before and cook a meal we’ve never cooked before.” How cute!