Maude alum Bill Macy has died at age 97 on Thursday, October 17. The actor’s manager, Matt Beckoff, confirmed the A-lister’s death in a heartbreaking post that he shared to Facebook.

“My buddy Bill Macy passed away at 7:13 p.m. tonight,” he said. “He was a spitfire right up to the end. What an honor to book him for Gilbert Gottfried, Frank Santopadre and Dara Kravitz Gottfried’s podcast. It really was the cherry on top. He LOVED being on that show. My condolences to his beautiful wife, Samantha Harper Macy.”

Bill never fathered any children, but his widow will always remember him for being a great man and his fans will never forget the great performances he gave throughout the years.

bill macy

In the show, Bill played Walter Findlay — the husband of Bea Arthur’s titular character. After he landed that role, he went on to star in so many great films like The Jerk in 1979, Analyze This in 1999 and The Holiday in 2006. But no matter what project he took on, he was always known for unforgettable lines on Maude. 

When the show’s creator, Norman Lear, was asked if he’ll ever reboot the All In The Family sequel, he told Deadline that it’s very unlikely. “I have no intention of doing All In The Family again,” he said this past July. “I promise you that … no Maude or any of them. We did that.”

Even though Norman isn’t interested in rebooting Maude, he is very excited to take on new projects as well as continue bringing fans new episodes of One Day at a Time, a reboot of Norman’s 1975–1984 series of the same name. After Netflix cancelled the show, Pop TV swooped in to save it.

bill macy

“There are ideas that we were working on at that same time that were bubbling in the same creative pipeline and that’s part of what I’m looking at now,” he said. “I have about 100 ideas that go back 30 or 40 years, some only 12 years or 10 years. These are the ideas that we’ve had and nurtured for the longest time that we will imagine or reimagine.”

We think it’s time to start binging old episode of Maude in honor of Bill!