Dad-of-three Bill Hader misses his kids! In a new interview with Variety, Bill explained that it’s hard to be a working father in Hollywood because he barely had any time to spend with his daughters, Hannah, 9, Harper, 6, and Hayley, 4, last summer due to his very busy work schedule.

“It was terrible,” Bill explained. “I think I saw my kids a total of five days all summer.” Since Bill was busy cranking out a new script for Barry Season 2 and acting in the sequel to It, he had to put his family on the back burner in order to put more food on the table. But he said that next summer will be different.

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“Next summer I’m taking off and I’m going to spend every day with them. It’s this weird thing where when you’re in this industry, you don’t have time to be with them, and it’s really, really difficult. I’m getting emotional right now talking about it,” he shared before he confessed, “Congrats, it’s the first interview I’ve ever cried in.”

Bill divorced his children’s mother and wife of 12 years, Maggie Carey, in 2018, and although a divorce is never easy, he noted that the two of them still have a great relationship. “I’m friends with my ex-wife,” he revealed.

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To make sure that Bill gets to spend as much time as he can with his kids next summer, he has found a way to stay at home and work at the same time. His plan is to start writing a new screenplay for a film that he’s going to direct. “They can see me all day if they want,” he said about staying in his house and just writing. “They can really get sick of me.” Too funny!