Bill Cosby is back…though it remains to be seen whether he’s better than ever!

The legendary comedian’s new comedy, described as a “classic, extended-family sitcom,” could air as early as next summer on NBC, executives shared at the TCAs this past weekend.

Having already headlined the overwhelmingly successful The Cosby Show for the network some 30 years ago, it appears NBC is once again trying to strike gold with Bill, especially given their failed attempt with this season’s The Michael J. Fox Show, starring another ’80s heavy-hitter.

bill cosby

The cast of “The Cosby Show”

Although the project is still in the writing stage, the production team revealed they will be using a multi-camera format, unlike their comedies over the past few years — such as 30 Rock, The Office and Parks and Recreation.

NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt explained the network was trying to “revitalize” the classic setup, which dates back to shows like I Love Lucy.

“There’s been a generation of writers and producers who have gone away from multi-cam…” he shared. “There was such cachet with 30 Rock and The Office, which reinforced single-camera as the ‘better’ form, and I hope we can balance the scales a little.”

Though the Cosby-helmed show is slated for summer 2015, it could also be pushed back to fall if it isn’t ready in time.