Betty White has had an amazing career spanning nearly seven decades and impressively gained a whole new crop of fans well into her 90s thanks to shows like The Golden Girls and Hot in Cleveland!

But now the comedienne is opening up about regret she still holds on to, even at the age of 92.

“I wish I didn’t have two bad marriages. They were probably my fault,” reflects Betty in a new interview. “I just didn’t marry the right men…I had lovely relationships, but not anything in the league of Allen.”

betty white

*White with third husband Ludden*

The lovable actress was married to game show host Allen Ludden for 18 years before his death at the age of 63 from stomach cancer in 1981.

“The main change would be to bring Allen back,” Betty shares.

And though she’s joked about being a “cougar” in recent comedy sketches, The Proposal star says she would never actually date younger men, though she doesn’t judge other women who decide to.

“It’s up to them. I mean if they want to be a cougar that’s fine by me,” she says. “I’m an animal lover. But I would always feel so insecure if I was with a much younger man. I would think, ‘I’m getting older and he’s not!’”

betty white

*White with Hot in Cleveland’s Bertinelli, Malick and Leeves*

Betty may be well-versed in her mistakes, but there are at least three people who feel she can do no wrong: her Hot in Cleveland co-stars Valerie Bertinelli, Wendie Malick and Jane Leeves, who relish any advice the animal lover can give them!

“She has taught us all that when you turn 60 you’re starting your third act—that’s the biggest lesson,” 63-year-old Wendie tells New You magazine.

“She always comes in with a smile, is always ready to go, and gives it her all with grace and humor.”

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