Don’t worry about Betty White. The 98-year-old star is “doing just fine with staying put” amid the coronavirus pandemic, a source exclusively tells Closer Weekly. “Betty’s a trooper, but this is no time to go against what’s being recommended. Her biggest worry is the animals. She wishes more people would foster now more than ever.”

In order to keep herself healthy, the Golden Girls alum has been self-isolating at her house. “Staying home for the safety of others and herself is a no brainer,” the source says. “She had her assistant set up Zoom so she could continue to play Scrabble with her regular friends.”

Betty White

However, her life hasn’t changed all that much. Since “Betty wasn’t going out a lot before the mandatory isolation,” she finds quarantined life to be quite easy. In fact, even before the world was worried about COVID-19, Betty didn’t make a lot of public appearances. “She loves going to events here and there, she jokes that’s she’s always being honored for something or another, but as long as she feels up to it, she’ll show up to them,” the source explains.

For now, the actress is just doing everything she can to make sure she remains in good health. “Betty’s been through a lifetime of changes, ups and downs, and as she likes to say, she’s seen it all. She’s very hopeful that this will pass too and our country will once again flourish. More people should have Betty’s positive outlook,” the insider notes.

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