Still going strong! For someone who recently turned 97, Betty White is still living quite the life.

Just days after the being photographed during a rare outing, we’re getting a health update on how the beloved actress, whose TV career spans more than 70 years, is doing these days.

“Betty is still very mentally sharp, although a bit more frail,” an insider close to the Golden Girls star exclusively tells Closer Weekly. The five-time Emmy winner has her friends over, is involved in animal causes, and communicates via the phone and email. “She’s still quite active for being 97.”

Betty White

Not only that, but the Hot in Cleveland star “loves to be plugged in and follows the news.” Betty keeps herself entertained by watching Wheel of Fortune and “sometimes” even The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Great picks, girl!

While watching these shows, you can likely find Betty enjoying something tasty as she “still has an appetite” and “likes to order food in.” This includes her favorites like “Italian, pizza, chicken pot pie and the occasional drink.”

“She thinks it’s funny that people think she drinks a lot,” the source clarifies about the quippy legend. “She doesn’t, but she will enjoy a beer or a martini, but it’s not an everyday thing.”

Golden Girls cast
Paul Drinkwater/NBCU Photo Bank

Betty is, of course, adored by everyone in her life and considers herself to be pretty lucky. “She’s got money in the bank, her health is OK, she’s privileged and she knows it,” the insider adds. “So she’s good.”

Even though there are no upcoming projects on her IMDb page, you can rest easy because there are no plans for her to retire anytime soon. Fingers crossed for a small screen return!

“She told me, ‘I’m going to be in the saddle forever,'” Steven J. Boettcher, codirector of the PBS documentary Betty White: First Lady of Television, told Closer Weekly just last year. “She loves working; she loves the challenge. She’s someone that we’re all better off for that she’s lived this long.”

We can’t wait to see what Betty does next!