You Go Girl! : Betty White Is 95 Years Old, Still Kickin' and Loving Life

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At 95 years old, Betty White seems happier (and healthier) than ever! Fans of the beloved actress have often worried about her health as she's grown older in the spotlight. But, thankfully, Betty is doing just fine!

Earlier this year, The Golden Girls star expressed how thrilled she was to be celebrating her milestone 95th birthday last January. "I keep thinking, 'Betty, you’re 95 years old,'" she told Yahoo's Katie Couric at the time. "I’m so blessed with good health and faculties and I’ve got memories and all that. You can’t really expect that at 95." She joked, "You think you'll fade off into the sunset. Well, the sun sets every night, but I just won't go away."

In a previous interview with Closer Weekly, Betty's former Hot in Cleveland co-star Wendie Malick joked about the star's secret to continued good health. "Hot dogs and vodka! It’s her secret weapon. I don’t think it’s for everyone — don’t try it at home!" Wendie revealed.

After 75 years in showbiz, Betty still has no plans to slow down and retire from Hollywood anytime soon. "Every single morning she reads the Los Angeles Times cover to cover, along with a couple other newspapers," a close friend of the actress previously told Closer of Betty's daily routine. "And she always does at least two full crossword puzzles every day," he added.

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A physical therapist also visits Betty twice per week to lead her through a light exercise regimen which includes a walk around the grounds of her Brentwood, CA home. "She watches golf on Sundays, and then she’ll call me and say, ‘I’ve been working on my golf swing in the living room and I just can’t get my flat-iron swing right!'" her friend told Closer.

Betty's dear friend and former housekeeper Edna McNair similarly told Closer the actress hopes to ring in many more birthdays after her 95th. "Last I talked to her we were teasing each other about how long we’re going to live," she said. "We said we want to be like Moses and live to be 120!" We're just so glad Betty continues to feel well — and hope she's around for many, many more years to come!

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