Talk about a team effort!

At last night’s Golden Globe after-party, newly-engaged pair Robin Wright and Ben Foster were truly inseparable, even on their trips to the bathroom!

But that’s because Ben had an important job to do while Robin…you know…did her thing!

An observer at the Weinstein Netflix after-party tells Closer that Robin asked Ben to guard her coveted trophy while she used the restroom. He tried to put it in his pocket, but alas, it didn’t fit!

Finally, Ben settled for guarding the award between his legs while Robin darted past the women’s restroom for the men’s! Guess she didn’t want to chance waiting in line!

Ben dutifully stood watch over her prize and after Robin came out, the pair grabbed hands and headed back into the party. What a gentleman!

Our insider also tells us that Robin and Ben had a great time dancing and packed on the PDA, kissing throughout the night. The “House of Cards” actress looked super fit in her silver strapless dress and truly happy to be spending time with her new fiancé!