Bargain Block hosts Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas know a thing or two about what makes a house a home! The pair have renovated gorgeous properties in Michigan, amassing an incredible combined net worth from the success of their HGTV series. Keep scrolling to see how much money the design duo makes. 

What Is the Combined Net Worth of the ‘Bargain Block’ Hosts? 

Keith and Evan have an estimated combined net worth that falls between $1.5 million and $5 million, according to multiple reports. Bargain Block aired on HGTV in October 2021, with the help of real estate agent Shea Hicks-Whitfield, who assists the pair with their projects on the show. 

‘Bargain Block’ Hosts’ Net Worths: Keith Bynum, Evan Thomas
Courtesy of Keith Bynum/Instagram

Keith puts his design skills to the test in each episode while Evan handles the carpentry and building side of things. The happy couple moved to Detroit in 2017 after meeting on a dating website and decided to flip and sell homes. Eventually, they were able to expand their design empire, adding eight more people to their team, Nine Design + Homes. 

Fans of HGTV have seen so many couples tackle the home design space and fall deeper in love with each other while doing so. Keith and Evan’s bond has grown even stronger since they started flipping homes in Detroit together. 

“I think the key to the success of working with your partner, I think, is finding balance and finding respect, and also, a little humor goes a long way,” Keith told Pop Culture in July 2022. “I think that’s the key that we’ve found that works for us, is balance. Stay in your lane. I don’t try to step on his toes a lot. He does always try to step on my toes in design, but that’s OK.”

The Rock the Block competitors’ journey to landing their own HGTV show was actually years in the making. 

“Back when we lived in Colorado, a friend asked Keith if he wanted to build a tiny house for a casting call she found online,” Evan explained during an April 2021 interview with Pride Source. “Keith thought it sounded fun, so they ended up building one for an episode of Tiny Paradise on HGTV. That process exposed Keith to a few production companies that followed Keith’s work for the next few years up until 2018 when a production company had us self-produce a ‘sizzle reel’ for HGTV.”

Season 2 of Bargain Block premiered in June 2022. As expected, their projects have only gotten bigger and more ambitious, producing jaw-dropping results during each episode.